As a contribution to the education system in our area, Atlantic Institute organizes its annual Art & Essay Contest for middle and high-school students. The Atlantic Institute asks students to think "outside the box" and contribute ideas and works of art to better our society.

Each year's contest challenges middle and high school students within South Carolina to submit art & essay compositions under yearly humanistic themes. The contest's winners travel around the beautiful country of Turkey on once-in-a-lifetime trip to the cities of Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir and the Kapadokya region!

This summer's Art & Essay Contest Winners' Trip to Turkey was a great success! Students, their sponsoring teachers and supporting people traveled around the country. The group had the opportunity to see many historical sites as well as get to know the culture very closely. In addition to visiting important sites like Hagia Sophia Meseum, Ephesus Church, Blue Mosque, House of Virgin Mary, underground city and carved chapels in Cappadocia National Park, the group enjoyed dinners with local families. The group also enjoyed a Bosphorus Boat Tour.

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