Atlantic Institute is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote dialogue among people and towards issues that pertain to their lives. Atlantic Institute's mainstay is to engage in educational activities about social and cultural matters. Founders of the Atlantic Institute are inspired by Fethullah Gulen's philosophy of dialogue and peaceful and constructive coexistence.

Our Vision

We want to live in a peaceful world where non-violence, respect, understanding, friendship, cooperation and love prevail.

Our Mission

  • Seeking and creating opportunities for dialogue between individuals and communities. Contributing to the local and global peace by promoting values such as; respect, acceptance, dialogue, love, richness of faith and culture over centuries of time.
  • At Atlantic Institute, we approach our world with realistic optimism to build a better future for tomorrow. We believe that small positive actions can make significant changes in our lives and the world.
  • We choose to face the challenges of our world by offering solutions through dialogue and education as well as organizing cultural activities and humanitarian works.

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