The Atlantic Institute will distribute a total of 60 awards: 10 Each category (Art, Essay) at each level (Middle, High), 5 awards for the first place through fifth place students' sponsoring teacher.


         Awards per each category (Art Middle, Art High, Essay Middle, and Essay High)


o   1st Place: Trip to Peru* and $200 Gift Card

o   2nd Place: Trip to Peru* and $150 Gift Card

o   3rd Place: Trip to Peru* and $100 Gift Card

o   4th Place: $50 Gift Card

o   5th Place: $35 Gift Card

o   6th through 10th Places: $25 Gift Card

                     *All-Expenses-Paid except for international airfare to and from Peru and a small administrative fee.


         Award for Teachers for each category


o   1st Place: Trip to Peru* and $75 Gift Card

o   2nd Place: $50 Gift Card

o   3rd Place: $35 Gift Card

o   4th Place: $25 Gift Card

o   5th Place: $25 Gift Card  

                     *All-Expenses-Paid except for international airfare to and from Peru and a small administrative fee.  


-       The Awards Ceremony for the South Carolina Contest will be held in February 2017.Please check the contest website for updates.

-       Please be advised that students and teachers who have participated in the trips to Turkey as past winners of the Contest are ineligible to travel to Peru again as part of the Global Connections Art and Essay Contest. Previous winners are still eligible to win applicable cash prizes. If the sponsoring teacher of a first-time winning student has previously participated in our tripsto Turkey, that student should nominate another teacher to travel with him or her.   Pending Atlantic Institutesapproval, this teacher may join the trip.

-      If a winning student does not participate in the trip to Peru awarded to him or her, his or her sponsoring teacher will nolonger be eligible for inclusion in the awarded trip.  Similarly, any student whose sponsoring teacher does not participate and who does not nominate a suitable replacement will also be ineligible to participate in the trip.

-       Winning students and teachers should expect to receive their cash prizesat the Awards Ceremony. Any winning students and teachers who do not take part in the Awards Ceremony forfeit their claims to any prize monies attached to winning placement in the Contest.

-     Winning South Carolina students and teachers who do not participate in the Awards Ceremony may request their award certificates by contacting the Atlantic Institute any time before June 5, 2017, after which time the certificates will be unavailable for receipt. Cash prizes may only be claimed by participating in the Awards Ceremony.



-     The trip will be take place for 7 days in the summer of 2017.  

-     All expenses including accommodations, transportation, food and admission fees to museums, etc. will be covered by the Atlantic Institute and its partnering organizations in Peru. The estimated value of the trip is $3,500.00.  How ever the participant is still responsible for purchasing the international round-trip airfare to and from Peru and the administration fee. The administration fee is $150 for each participating students and $250 for each participating teachers.

 -     Students and accompanying adults must pay and arrange for their international airfare, visa and passport fees and personal expenses.

 -     The Atlantic Institute should receive conformation of the round-trip airfare purchase and the payment of the administration fee no later than January 15, 2018 in order to include the winners onthe trip. The awardees may contact the Atlantic Institute upon notification of their awards for further processing of the paperwork and the planning of the trip.


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