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Art and Essay Contest Past Years

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2016 Art and Essay Contest

Theme: Ten Days, Teen Weeks, Ten Months, Ten Hours: What Can YOU Accomplish?

Atlantic Institute congratulates all students, parents, and teachers who participated to this wonderful event. More than two hundreds of people have attended the Award Ceremony for 2016 Art & Essay Contest. The rewards were gift cards from $25 to $200 and a Trip to Turkey for students and teachers. We one more time thank them and hope to see in our next Art and Essay Contest!!!


2015 Art and Essay Contest

Theme: Kindness Without Borders: Open Eyes, Open Hearts in Our Global Village

Columbia Art and Essay Contest Award Ceremony Photos:



2014 Art and Essay Contest

Theme: Connecting Cultures in the Digital Age: How Does Social Media Change the Future of Our World?

Atlantic Institute (formerly South Carolina Dialogue Foundation) hosted their Fourth Annual Art and Essay Awards Ceremony on Saturday, March 1st at the USC Law Auditorium. Over 200 Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Siblings and other Family Members came out to support their child and their accomplishments. Over 40 awards were given ranging from gift cards to iPads to Turkey Trips.

The first place winners got to share either their motivation behind their artwork or read their essays out loud to the entire audience. The top three student winners in each category all won a trip to Turkey this summer, as well as the first place teachers. The audience was also able to hear from past Turkey trip participants and watch a short video on Turkey. A reception followed immediately where all of the Essays and Artwork were showcased for everyone to see. A short meeting afterward was held for all the Turkey Trip participants so they will know what to expect on their trip.

South Carolina Dialogue Foundation would once again like to Congratulate all of the Art and Essay Winners! All of you did outstanding work. It was a joy to see everyone come together to celebrate your creative talents.

Atlantic Institute (formerly South Carolina Dialogue Foundation) would like to thank the City of Greer for displaying the winning Art and Essay pieces for the next two weeks.

To visit these pieces you can go to 301 E Poinsett St, Greer, SC

If you are interested in hosting these pieces at your facility please contact


2013 Art and Essay Contest

Theme: The Human Footprint on the Environment: Impacts & Solutions

 Participants gathered at the USC Law Auditorium for the 3rd Annual Art and Essay Contest Awards Ceremony. Parents, Teachers and School Administrators gathered to recognize the students and their accomplishments.



2012 Art and Essay Contest

Theme: 1 Billion Hungry in the World: What's your Role?

 This summer's Art & Essay Contest Winners' Trip to Turkey was a great success! Students, their sponsoring teachers and supporting people traveled around the country for 9 days from June 15-24. The group had the opportunity to see many historical sites as well as get to know the culture very closely. In addition to visiting important sites like Hagia Sophia, Ephesus, Blue Mosque, House of Virgin Mary, underground city and carved chapels in Cappadocia, the group enjoyed dinners with local families. The group also visited a dialogue foundation and a private high school and had official visits in Ankara, the capital.

2012 Art and Essay Contest Winners' Trip to Turkey Photos



2011 Art and Essay Contest

Theme: Empathy: Walking in Another's Shoes

Please enjoy the pictures from our First Art and Essay Contest held in 2011.