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We live in a global world that requires understanding, goodwill, and peace among all of humanity, and it is an important goal that we must work toward. The social media, internet, and other communication tools provide many different ways of interacting with others. People from different geographies and cultures are now in constant communication. While engaging with others in far distances, we are neglecting to communicate with the people we live with in our same community. The concept of friendship and neighborhood has changed dramatically. Someone could make a friend from the other part of world and culture through social media while not seeking to ask the next door neighbor's name.

Atlantic Institute was founded to bridge the deep gap of social interaction, to promote respecting differences, and to commit to the common good in the State of South Carolina.

Atlantic Institute promotes philanthropy for serving humanity, education for cultivating virtuous individuals, and dialogue for peaceful coexistence.

The volunteers and members of Atlantic Institute want to put "the American Dream" into practice as in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: "The American Dream, the dream of men of all races, creeds, national backgrounds, living together as brothers." Volunteers and members of Atlantic Institute pursue happiness in the happiness of others through volunteerism and philanthropy. Atlantic Institute members and volunteers have been working diligently to fulfill the above mentioned principles in the State of South Carolina.

We sincerely hope that your organization is able to help us achieve this noble goal. It could only be possible with your charitable support that Atlantic Institute maintains its ongoing programs and reach out to more people.

Akif Aydin, President


Sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Grant Writer at 864-386-7322.

Our foundation believes that dialogue is one of the unique tools of forming bridges between people. Educators are pillars of these bridges for dialogue. We believe that teachers as educators deserve the best for their hard work and dedication. As part of our foundation’s mission, we support and recognize teachers’ contribution to our community’s future. We, therefore, organize the annual Teacher Appreciation Dinner to recognize their hard work and values that they impart on the youth in our community.
The week of May 5th-9th 2014 is Teacher Appreciation Week throughout the State of South Carolina. SCDF would like to honor the teachers and educators by hosting a special dinner in Greenville and Columbia for selected teachers and administrators from each school on May 9, 2014. A keynote speaker is invited to address the guests. A gift card is presented to teachers and administrators participating in the program.

Sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Grant Writer at 864-386-7322.


The Atlantic Institute Art and Essay Contest is a wonderful project that requires community support to be successful. Every year there is a thought-provoking theme that is publicized among the teachers and schools across South Carolina. The themes of the contest are intended to create original ideas and understanding through art and reflective writings.

The purity of emotion and thought that children bring to such challenges quite often bring us to new ideas and a new way of looking at the world around us. We are certain that the seeds that are planted in young minds today through this project will bear fruit in the long term for the benefit of our society.

Previous years themes include "Connecting Cultures in the Digital Age: How Does Social Media Change the Future of Our World?", "The Human Footprint on the Environment: Impacts and Solutions", "1 Billion Hungry in the World: What is your Role?" and "Who is Your Neighbor?" Students submit gorgeous artwork and emotionally moving essays to our professional judges. The panel of expert judges evaluates all submissions, determining winners in each category (art, essay) and in each division (middle, high). All the students receive a tiered level of cash and or gift card prizes. First place winners receive along with free Trip to Peru. The top three students from each category and division all win a trip to Peru, and the first-place student’s teachers win a trip as well.

Our foundation sponsors all the expenses (meals, lodging, and transportation) in Peru as part of the trip prize. The students and teachers, however, are responsible for their own airfare to and from Peru.

The entire prizes for the art and essay contest range from $50,000 to $60,000, which includes prizes, booklets, advertisements, websites, auditorium costs, and trip expenses.

This year's theme is "Building Community: The Role of Teens" The contest will be kicked off in August when the school year starts. The submission due date will be revealed soon, and the awards ceremony will take place in early 2019.

The contest reaches all the school districts in South Carolina and over 30,000 students, teachers, principals and parents.

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Annual Dialogue Dinners & Award Ceremony

The goal of Atlantic Institute's "Annual Dialogue Dinners & Award Ceremony" is to contribute to the progress of dialogue in the State of South Carolina by promoting mutual understanding among members of different cultures, faiths, ethnicities, and races. The dinners are held in Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston.

Distinguished guests and speakers from various backgrounds and professionals are invited to the Annual Dialogue Dinner & Award Ceremony. The program is by invitation only and includes guests from universities, media, government, social institutions, faith organizations, and more. Dinners feature keynote speakers who are community leaders commensurate with the theme of that year's dinner. A keynote speaker is invited to the program to address the guests in the frame of the program's subject.

The Annual Dialogue Dinner & Award Ceremony creates a welcoming environment for the participants to engage in thoughtful discussions and to establish new friendships. As part of the Annual Dialogue Dinner & Award Ceremony, Atlantic Institute promotes new ideas and projects among the participants through collaboration and cooperation to create a better future for our community.

Sample template for the Annual Dialogue Dinner & Award Ceremony:

- Opening remarks by distinguished guests
- Dinner and conversation at tables
- Other remarks and introduction of the theme and keynote speakers
- Keynote speech
- Award presentations
- Closing remarks

Previous topics include "Empathy: Walking in Another's Shoes" and "1 Billion Hungry in the World: What is your Role?" Among others, keynote speakers includes The Honorable Phil P.

Leventis, South Carolina State Senator, Dr. A.Kadir Yildirim, Professor of Political Science at Furman University, The Honorable John W. Matthews, Jr., South Carolina State Senator, Dan Waldschmidt, CEO of Waldschmidt Partners International, South Carolina State Senator Vincent A. Sheheen, and Kemal Korucu from the Istanbul Center. Past dinners have also featured cultural entertainment whether it is Calligraphy or Music to set the tune for the evening, and entertain the audience.
The awards are presented in three categories:
• Peace and Dialogue Award
• Public and Community Service Award
• Media and Communications Award

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At Atlantic Institute, we understand the impact that leaders have on society.
We also know that today's student leaders will shapeour tomorrow. Atlantic Institute hosts annual Future Leaders of Dialogue Dinners for a diverse group of student leaders with a festive dinner, insightful keynote speakers, and intellectually stimulating table discussions. These dinners have received an overwhelmingly positive feedback from faculty and students at each institution it was held. Sharing a meal at a table is one of the best ways of fostering dialogue and understanding. The program gives students an opportunity for intra- and intercultural exchange and understanding. We strongly believe that attendees leave the program with an increased understanding and tolerance toward people of different backgrounds. Atlantic Institute organizes five Future Leaders of Dialogue Dinners programs every year in the following cities and universities.

1-) Clemson: Clemson University, Anderson University, and Southern Wesleyan University.
2-) Greenville: Furman University, Greenville Tech, and Bob Jones University.
3-) Spartanburg: USC Upstate and Wofford College.
4-) Columbia: USC, Benedict College, Columbia International University, South Carolina State University, Columbia College, and Newberry College.
5-) Charleston: College of Charleston, The Citadel, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston Baptist University, Charleston School of Law.

The previous years' topics have been: "Integrity in Global Context", "Empathy: Walking in Another's Shoes", and" Art of Living Together." Department chairs from these colleges are asked to invite six distinguished students and one faculty member to attend the dinner. One member of Atlantic Institute is assigned to each table to help facilitate table conversation. Each table had a list of pre-set questions they are to discuss over dinner and then one person from each table is invited to speak at the podium and share their tables' opinions.
There are two distinguished speakers, ranging from senators, university presidents, or heads of organizations that are closely related to the theme of the dinner. Previous speakers include SC State Senator Thomas Alexander, Rod Smolla, Furman University President, Dr. David M. Aurich, Director, Academic Integrity at USC, Dr. A.Kadir Yildirim, Furman University Political Science Professor, Dr. Elvan Aktas, Professor of Finance, Valdosta State University, and Dr. Mustafa Gokhan Sahin, Executive Director of Istanbul Center.

Types of Sponsorships and Benefits