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The volunteers and members of Atlantic Institute want to put "the American Dream" into practice as in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: "The American Dream, the dream of men of all races, creeds, national backgrounds, living together as brothers." Volunteers and members of Atlantic Institute pursue happiness in the happiness of others through volunteerism and philanthropy. Atlantic Institute members and volunteers have been working diligently to fulfill the above mentioned principles in the State of South Carolina.


Best way to respond to bullying

When:January 13th at 2pm

Join us on January 13th at 2pm for a Family centered learning event on Bullying. Jay Dee "the Balloon Guy", a Greenville favorite, uses his balloon artistry skills to promote socio-emotional competency. He teaches us "the best way to respond to bullying" in a fun and engaging way. T



Historical Reconciliation: The Abraham Slavery Project

Feb 20th at 6:45 pm at Greenville office (12 Davis Keats Dr.)

Inspired by Abraham, a former slave of James C. Furman (the university's first president), the Abraham Slavery Project is investigating Furman University's historical connections with slavery. Dr. Inabinet has been spearheading and co-chairing the effort thus far, and will discuss with us the process by which historical reconciliation has happened at Furman and is taking place across the U.S.