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Tea Night

On May 15th, the Atlantic Institute hosted a TeaNight on the topic Human Connection and Communication in Social Media: Struggles and Opportunities. It was an evening of thought, tea, and making connections as the groups discussed the changing role of social media in society. First, the attendees enjoyed a brief speech by Gavin Weiser, Assistant Director of Multicultural Student Affairs at the University of South Carolina. He gave everyone something to think about as to the good and the bad in social media's role in society. The attendees were then given the chance to ask questions of Mr. Weiser and through that were able to delve deeper into the topic. After that, everyone got a chance to try some authentic Turkish tea and deserts and discuss the topic in small groups. They discussed the changing role of social media in their lives and how it is effecting their daily relationships. Each group was then given the chance to present what they discussed to the larger group. Everyone came away with a deeper understanding of the role of social media in their lives and the increasingly globalized world.