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We were so privileged to be a part of the Martin Luther King Jr event with Sustaining Way, South Carolina Interfaith Power and Light, The Poor People's Campaign and My Neighbors Voice. 

A big thank you to Reverend Reynolds for his sharing of what it was like to be in the marches with Dr MLK Jr. Your determination for Civil Rights is much appreciated.



Holocaust Cattle Car Experience

Our special Thank You to Arielle Nakdimon with NCSY for helping to coordinate this wonderful presentation that has traveled around Greenville this month. This experience, hands down, was a very poignant way to see and experience what it was like during the Holocaust. As we stood inside and watched the presentation flash on the walls, I was thinking about the building process of this entire project and how it came about. It is a phenomenal experience. If you see this coming back to your area or any other areas, go and experience it. It's worth it.


MLK Interfaith Harmony Dialogue

The Atlantic Institute has thoroughly enjoyed working with all of the partners that were involved in this project to honor and share in the dialogue and legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr's dream.
Thank you to Journalist Carolyn Murray for moderating a wonderful discussion between Rev John Reynolds, Dr Barbara Williams Emerson and Dr Akif Aydin. We learned and gained such insightful knowledge on living a legacy each day. Thank you to My Neighbors Voice for helping to facilitate breakout rooms for us to have a moment to discuss our thoughts with those in our small group.

You will need to watch this video in our YouTube library when you have the time. The words from Desimber Rose were so incredibly powerful and moving. Atlantic Institute SC YouTube Channel.


Atlantic Institute and Intercultural Dialogue Club of Clemson University was honored by having Mr. Mustafa Akyol, a Turkish columnist for two newspapers in Turkey. His articles are also published in international newspapers such as Foreign Affairs, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Herald Tribune. Thanks to our sponsor, Dr. Peter Cohen, there were two events held at the Clemson University. First one was a luncheon among students, professors, and staff of Clemson University at the Philosophy and Religion Department and food was prepared by Turkish families within Clemson. The dialogue was very friendly and attendees had a chance to meet and ask him questions about the political and religious situation of the Middle East nowadays. The program continued with a lecture at the Strom Thurmond Institute on the same day on campus. Over a hundred people filled the auditorium and this time there were not only students and professors from the CU but the public from the Upstate region. Mr. Akyol started his speech with a short video and continued to talk about the transformation of the people who are now radical, extremist not only within Islam but also in other beliefs. Audiences were so interested and many questions have been asked after the talk, but due to time limit he could not able to answer all. There was also a book signing right after the talk. Mustafa Akyol has stayed there for a while to sign his most recent book “Islam Without Extremes: A Muslim Case or Liberty”. After all, we thank one more time to our sponsors; Dr. Peter Cohen, Strom Thurmond Institute, and Philosophy and Religious Department of CU to make this event happen.




Third Discussion on Book: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Islam

May 24th at 7pm.



We would like to thank all that tuned into the three different dialogue discussions we hosted on the book: Journey into the Heart of Islam. Dr Aydin thoroughly enjoyed talking and hosting all of the discussions. We enjoyed having a global audience and input from around the world on this book. You can see the discussions on our YouTube Channel found here


In honor of Valentine's Day...

Thank you to all that joined us for our Book Club Meeting discussion on the book, Secrets of Divine Love: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Islam. We thank you for taking the time to read and share your insights with us on this wonderful book. Thank you to Dr Aydin for leading a wonderful discussion for all to attend. A recording of our discussion can be found on our YouTube channel here:


Panel discussion on the nature of ISIS

The panel event at Furman University brought various community leaders together. Mr. Akif Aydin, Atlantic Institute president, Dr. Ahmed Abdeladl from Islamic Society of Greenville, and Dr. Vaughn CroweTipton, the Chaplain and vice president for Spiritual Life at Furman University, were the panelists in the event. Dr. Kadir Yildirim, assistant professor of political science at Furman University, moderated the event with an introduction to the ideology of ISIS. The event aimed at informing the general public about the extremist ideology of ISIS, how it uses religion and terrorism to further its own political agenda. All three panelists agreed on the necessity to condemn atrocities perpetrated in the name of religion. The panel drew its audience of 250 from the student body at Furman University and the broader Greenville community.

Τhe 5th Annual
James Sawers, Jr. Interfaith Speaker Series

Friday, March 4, 2022 - 2:00 PM




Zoom Link:

To learn more about the Interfaith Speaker Series and about The
Charleston Interreligious Council, visit





Science and Religion: Quantum Physics and Free Will

Atlantic Institute (formerly South Carolina Dialogue Foundation) organized a fascinating and engaging event:

"Science and Religion: Quantum Physics and Free Will"

A video interview with the Nobel and Templeton prize winning Greenville native Charles Townes was featured which was followed by a panel discussion of Furman University faculty experts on Thursday, September 6,2012 at the Westminster Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall .

The video interview was done by Dr.Mustafa Tabanli, a programmer at Ebru TV.

The panelists:

Dr. David Rutledge, Furman University Department of Religion.

Dr. Mustafa Tabanli, Producer, Ebru TV.

Dr.Susan D'Amoto, Physics, Furman University

Moderator: Dr. Akan Malici, Department of Politics, Furman University.

Culture vs Faith: Jewish Facts

Thank you so much to Arielle Nakdimon from the Greenville Jewish Federation and to Noah from Furman and Emme from Clemson for sharing yourselves with all of us and teaching us some of the specifics about Judaism. The video of this can be found here on our youtube channel:



Distinguished Speaker Series with Mustafa Akyol

Islam without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty

Atlantic Institute (formerly South Carolina Dialogue Foundation) hosted two distinguished speakers’ series program in Columbia and Clemson with Mustafa Akyol, a renowned Turkish political commentator from Turkey, on April 11, 2012.

The Columbia program was partnered by Walker Institute and held at Lumpkin Auditorium.

The Clemson program was partnered by Clemson University Globalization Lecture Series. It was held at Self Auditorium, Strom Thurmond Institute, Clemson University. There was a great interest to the program with over 150 students, faculty and community members’ participation.

Mustafa Akyol is a columnist for two Turkish newspapers, Hurriyet Daily News and Star. His articles have also appeared in Foreign Affairs, Newsweek,Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune and many other journals and newspapers. He also appears regularly on Turkish TV, onpolitical discussion shows.