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We would like to thank everyone who came out to our successful “Turkey: Democracy in Peril” Event. It was a multi-event discussion on the volatile political situation in Turkey. Mr. James C. Harrington gave us detailed information on the situation in Turkey. Mr Harrington’s speech began with a historical synopsis of the country.

After that Mr. Harrington gave us a different perspective.

Harrington closed on a somewhat positive note. He talked about what we can do to fix the situation. To improve things here and someday send support back to Turkey.

This dialogue event motivated people to think and encouraged volunteer-ism.


61xJK46yTnL UX250 Speaker Bio:

Jim Harrington, a human rights attorney with more than four decades of experience, is founder and director of the Texas Civil Rights Project, a nonprofit foundation that promotes civil rights and economic and racial justice throughout Texas for low-income people. He graduated from the School of Law at the University of Detroit in 1973, from where he also holds a Masters in philosophy. He taught for 27 years at the University of Texas School of Law and continues to teach undergraduate writing courses at the university in civil liberties and history-making trials. Harrington has handled landmark civil rights cases, written and published broadly, and served on human rights delegations in different areas of the world.

fasting2Title: “Fasting & Religious Faiths: A Panel Discussion”

Date: Thursday, February 23, 2017

Time: 7:00-8:15 p.m.

Location: Johns Hall 101, Furman University, Greenville, SC 29613


What is Fasting? Who practices it and why? What are the risks or exclusions? Why Fast? 

The Interfaith Forum, Furman University and Atlantic Institute invite you to join us for a diverse panel discussion from many different religions as everyone explains what fasting is to them and answers audience questions. Fasting tends to be an unspoken subject in our culture. Concerns about health and hunger, fasting rituals and how to handle fasting in a food driven society are some examples of what will be discussed on this subject. 

This panel will explore the broader context of fasting and faith, how the selected traditions (Baha'i, Islam, Judaism, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) view the practice of fasting, and personal reflections on fasting and faith from the panelists. Fasting is an important part of many religious traditions, but it isn't often explored in larger conversation. This panel discussion will create space for sharing, listening, and learning about fasting and how and why faith communities practice fasting. This event is co-sponsored by the Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection, Interfaith Forum of Greenville, the Atlantic Institute, and Furman Interfaith Youth Core.

 This is an event that you absolutely don't want to miss.

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culture america

The Greenville County Library System together with Atlantic Institute participated in a Cultural Panel Night as an Upstate International Month program. Five different countries(Germany, France, England, India and Turkey) were represented and five very different experiences were heard from.

Coming to America is a very different and unique experience to each individual and listening to the stories of each participant were able to give those in the room a glimpse into this unique experience that many of us born here can't ever imagine. Being able to have a small sampling of some of these other countries food items was also very unique...from English tea, French Desserts and Turkish Delight.



On Sept 28th, over 60 people gathered to listen to the panel speak on "Expanding Your Religious Horizons" 
A joint effort between Interfaith Forum and Atlantic Institute, this event brought together the minority religions for us to learn from. 
We would like to thank our Panelists: Dr Parampal Singh Bhullar, a Sikh who is a palliative care physician with GHS; Cathy Jaggars, a Secular Humanist and retired Marine who is an adjust professor at Greenville Tech; Joel Sprague, a Christian Scientist who leads a research laboratory for TRI/Environmental in Anderson; and Cyn Massey, a Baha'i who heads the Woodruff Library in Spartanburg County. 
Each participant spoke about their faith for approximately 10 minutes, then answered questions from the moderator and then questions from the audience. 
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening and learning throughout the evening. 


civilrightsThe Greenville Office together with the Greenville County Library System presented an event on the Civil Rights Movement in Greenville.

The evening opened with two students from Southside High Schools Speech and Debate team performing a piece called "Strands" By Eric Wilson. They took us through the timeline of African Americans from the Auction block to the Civil Rights Movement and did an excellent job at capturing the audience.

Then our Panelists took their places and discussed their stories, shared their thoughts and opinions and fielded questions from the audience. We would like to thank Mr Mack Lockhart, Mrs Lillian Brock-Fleming and Mr Jimmy Carter for sharing their history with us so that we can learn from them.

Mr Richard Walton MC'd the event for us and shared with us his experiences as well. This event was well attended and many thoroughly enjoyed the performance and discussion.